This is a powerful analogy about the role we play in the legacy we create. The question of legacy is the key that unlocks our  immortality. Our immortality resides in living a life worth remembering. How will I be remembered is the existential  question that plagues our humanity, it is a  question we all ask ourselves at one stage or another. Most people believe that to be remembered well means to be famous or to achieve something great. As much as that is true I also  believe that our legacy project is rooted in the  understanding that we are the authors that write the stories of our own lives and that the power of our legacies  resides in the stories that we leave behind.  A powerful sign of a great legacy is a life story  that is  carved out not in the history books but in the hearts and minds of those we have been entrusted and the stories they share about us. The best story that we can tell is one that outlast us , a story that our friends, families and the people we touched tell about us. It is a story not of fame and grandeur but one of a life lived with purpose and significance.  A great legacy is the  life that every day we are writing, creating and sharing with others .  it is not about being perfect, it about living a life of  truth and character and about perfecting the art of  self.  The power of my legacy  resides in  the good I share, create and build  in  those  I love and touch, from my our own family, to my friends and to my community , This is for me  my best and greatest legacy, it is how I believe we  remain immortal .